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A Back to School Quick Breakfast                                                                                                 

Have you ever wondered why sometimes your muffins are fabulous and sometimes not so much? Here’s a few tips to making irresistible muffins your family will be happy to take for a quick on the go breakfast. For consistently excellent muffins it’s super important to follow the recipe (bakers call them formulas) carefully. Too much leavening agent (baking soda/powder) will make tough/dry muffins. Too much water will make them soft/mushy! Over mix and you get crumbly muffins with big holes in them (this is called tunneling).

Procedure is also very important. Make sure you sift dry ingredients together, premix your wet ingredients together and mix together, after making a well/volcano in the middle of the bowl. Be sure you mix LIGHTLY, incorporating too much air will also make your muffins tough. Your batter should be LUMPY not smooth.

**Quick Tip- Keep your berries/fruit fin freezer ‘til last second then add to not dye the batter**

When scooping out the batter, I prefer a large ice cream scoop to get even sized muffins, scoop from the edges of the bowl not the middle, this will stop accidental overmixing.

SPEAKING OF PANS!! There are a lot of tricks there too!

Paper liners are great for easy cleanup, but the mixture can stick to the paper, this can cause cracked tops or even prevent the nice muffin top we all crave. You can bake the muffins in the pan with no liner but you will need to grease the tins, I suggest a mixture of 4 parts melted butter and 1 part flour brushed into tins – this will keep in the fridge for up to a week – gently warm before use do not boil. Cooking spray is ok but natural ingredients are better. Silicone/flexipans can also be used, these do not need to be greased or lined saving you a step. To get a nice muffin top, use the back of a spoon to pull batter up the side and concave the top, this works with all choices of pans/liners.

Now you’ve done all of the above and you have your beautiful muffins out of the oven…. The tricks keep coming! Tip your pan on it’s side to get even cooling. Silicone/flexipans need to sit for about 10 – 15 Minutes before unmolding your creations.

If the recipe makes more muffins then you can quickly eat, they don’t store well and refrigeration will make them stale, you can keep the batter in the fridge for a few days or freeze it for up to 2 weeks.  A quick overnight defrost and bake in the morning and you will be starting your day with your scrumptious muffin and a cup of coffee!

Hmmmmm I think it is time for me to go get my muffin on!!

Til next time.  Good Bakes!

The term muffin comes from the German word “MUFFE” – a type of cake